Kids on Meditation

I love the book recommendations. Fabulous, as always, Sheila.

Sheila Singh

I am not one to force yoga or meditation on my girls, though I have been known to dangle a carrot at times to entice them to practice.  Last week, though, no carrot was needed.  My daughter, Sophia, had the day off from school and asked me, “What yoga class are you teaching today?”.  I said, “Ashtanga, why?”.  “I’d like to come to class today Mommy.”  My eyes lit up, though I tried not to look too excited.  I needed to play it slightly cool for my almost nine year old.  She came to class, moved and breathed quietly with a roomful of adults.  I was happy.  We continued on with our day as usual.

This week came around and we are getting back into our routine and I asked my girls if they wanted to meditate for a few minutes with me.  Often the answer is a simple no…

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